Under the leadership of Representative Garnet Coleman and Senator Rodney Ellis, the Greater Southeast Management District (GSMD) was created in 2001 by the 77th Texas Legislature pursuant to House Bill 3692. The establishment of GSMD implemented a second economic development tool identified in the Greater Third Ward Community Plan to work in conjunction with TIRZ #7.

The mission of the District is “to enhance and promote the image of the District, create a desirable area to attract more businesses, investments, and residents to the district, provide services and information that will stimulate business growth in the environment for businesses and residents in the District in order to increase the revitalization, and spur the redevelopment of this mixed-use urban neighborhood for all property owners, residents and tenants”. Visit www.greatersoutheastonline.com to view GSMD’s 5-Year Service and Assessment Plan.

Greater Southeast Management District and OST/Almeda Corridors Redevelopment Authority, operating on behalf of TIRZ #7, have forged a strong partnership to revitalize the Zone and the District. Because the budget of the District is small, cost-sharing where possible, such as co-located offices, meeting space, etc. have been initiated.

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The mission of the Emancipation Park Conservancy is to restore, manage, and enhance Emancipation Park in partnership with the public. The Emancipation Park Conservancy aspires to build a great organization that sets the standard for and spreads the principles of world-class park management – emphasizing environmental excellence – to improve the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all. The Emancipation Park Conservancy is committed to sustaining this operating model to provide a legacy for future generations of park users.


In 2016, the City of Houston awarded a new, 30-year management agreement to the Emancipation Park Conservancy. The agreement affirmed the City’s confidence with the Emancipation Park Conservancy in jointly managing Emancipation Park.

The Emancipation Park Conservancy provides for Emancipation Park’s day-to-day care. Specifically the Conservancy is responsible for landscape and lawn maintenance, tree care, horticultural work, cleaning and repairing playgrounds and comfort stations, repairing benches, graffiti removal, clearing walkways, and maintaining and repairing monuments and select Park structures.

In connection with the City’s partnership with the Emancipation Park Conservancy, the City retains overall control and policy responsibility for Emancipation Park. The Parks Department Director and officials of the City of Houston Parks & Recreation are involved in all aspects of Park planning, and must approve all capital improvements the Conservancy seeks to undertake. In addition, administrative rule-making, law enforcement, and concessions operations in Emancipation Park are under the exclusive domain of the City.

The Emancipation Park Conservancy’s diverse governing board includes a cross-section of individuals including City officials and individuals that represent the community that uses the Park. There are 15 General Trustees and 2 Ex-Official Trustees including the Mayor and the Parks Director. Together, these individuals work toward the common goal of preserving and enhancing Emancipation Park for future generations.

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5445 Almeda Road, Suite 545
Houston, Texas 77004
Office: 713-522-5154
Fax: 713-522-1105

Email: tirz7@ostalmeda.com